The Best Content Marketing Resources


Marketing is an integral part of business. Marketing is the main tool businesses use to promote their products and gain exposure. Without an adequate marketing campaign, a business may find it difficult to generate sales and interest in their products or services.

In today’s modern world, marketing has evolved greatly – due to the prominence of the internet and online shopping, businesses must now have an effective web content marketing strategy. They must market their digital content in a completely different way in comparison to traditional marketing methods. They must make use of a wide variety of tools to promote their business to a global audience.

This is often a difficult task and many businesses simply do not know how to market their content effectively. Luckily, we have created a list of 12 fantastic content marketing resources that should make the job that much easier. These resources should help businesses improve their marketing and create efficient and streamlined campaigns that generate tangible results.

Complete Content Marketing platforms


HubSpot is one of the most popular marketing companies on the web today. This company was founded in 2006 and has developed a series of tools including social media marketing, web analytics, content management and search engine optimization. HubSpot’s “Marketing Hub”, “CRM Free” and “Sale Hub” are three fantastic products that can greatly improve a business’s content marketing strategy.

When using HubSpot, a business can use a variety of tools to improve conversion rates, increase website traffic, analyse web traffic and user engagement, and create email campaigns, for example. The HubSpot software trio is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive content marketing tools available today – what makes it even more appealing is that it’s free! (Premium versions are available too that provide additional features).


BuzzSumo is another magnificent marketing tool that offers similar features to HubSpot. This platform is still gaining traction, but in a short amount of time has been widely accepted as one of the most reliable and robust marketing tools available – companies such as IBM, Expedia and Vimeo all make use of BuzzSumo.

Using BuzzSumo a business can gain insight into popular web content, trending topics and even analyse competitors’ material. Users can also receive alerts when their keywords are mentioned or when a particular author or competitor creates new content. Aside from content analysis, BuzzSumo can also be used to tailor social media content, create useful backlinks and find important influencers relating to a particular product or service, for example. In short, BuzzSumo can take your content marketing to new levels and help you stay ahead of your competition.


WordPress is possibly the most well-known blogging platform and content management system. This open-source platform was first created in 2003 and since then has been a staple for many businesses and bloggers. WordPress allows users to create web content such as websites and blogs using a drag and drop interface. Furthermore, third-party plugins and themes can be installed to boost the functionality of your content such as client portals, navigation systems and comment feeds.

In terms of content marketing, WordPress benefits from its extensive plugin library (over 50,000 items) and provides users with a plethora of tools with which they can improve and analyse their work. Content created in WordPress is a powerful marketing tool – you can use various plugins to improve exposure, examine the effectiveness and solicit user-engagement. Some of the other apps and plugins in this article can indeed be integrated into a WordPress website.

Copywriting and Freelance services


Businesses sometimes do not have the time and the means to create original content for their online marketing – this can slow down the process and reduce the amount of marketing a business can generate. Furthermore, hiring an individual just to write marketing content may not be the best use of a company’s resources. Copify is a perfect solution to this problem! Copify is a service which facilitates communication and workflow between businesses and copywriters.

A business can post a writing job through Copify and eligible writers will then apply for the job with a proposal and rate. Copify has a strict vetting process and only high-quality, reputable writers are accepted – if a business hires a writer, they are guaranteed a certain level of quality. Using Copify, a business can sub-contract their content generation and use this free time to concentrate on other areas of their marketing campaigns.


ClearVoice has a similar concept to Copify but offers a wider range of services. ClearVoice primarily operates as a talent network for freelancers – businesses seeking content creation can hire people using the ClearVoice platform. Whereas Copify only deals with written work, ClearVoice provides writers, editors, designers and strategists – you could in effect hire a whole marketing team!

This platform also offers a variety of complimentary content marketing tools such as an automated workflow tool, dashboards, and calendars to manage your marketing campaigns and a range of content creation tools. Using ClearVoice, a business can improve their marketing and gain professional freelance assistance.

Marketing and Content Analysis tools

Google Analytics

This service is one of the most well-known and widely used analytical tools. Google Analytics was created in 2005 and consistently ranks as the top tool in its genre. When combined with Google AdWords, this analytical tool can provide an immense amount of statistical data relating to a business’s website and its marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics can provide various statistics on user activity in relation to your website. Users can look at basic statistics such as the number of unique visitors, number of visitors per day, average visitation time, user activity by country and the type of device used to access your website. This platform also provides more in-depth analysis on a huge range of topics; you can also use Google Analytics to improve the performance of your website and advert campaigns.


Webtrends is considered to be the original digital analytics company and was first founded in 1993. This company and its analytical solutions are used by some high profile businesses including Epson, Europcar, and Qantas. As the name suggests, this company’s products allow you to analyse online trends which you can then use to tailor and improve your content marketing strategies.

The Webtrends product line is broken down into two main categories – Optimize and Analytics. Webtrends Optimize includes a plethora of tools aimed at optimizing your website and its content – these tools include site search optimization, customer surveys, user personalisation and form submission. Alternatively, Webtrends Analytics product is aimed primarily at Microsoft SharePoint users and helps generate various statistical reports businesses can use to create targeted marketing campaigns, etc.


Moz is an SEO orientated business (search engine optimization) that provides marketing software. Initially, the company primarily offered SEO consultation, but in recent years they shifted towards marketing analytics. Moz Pro and Moz Local are their two main products – both of which aim to help businesses improve the SEO of their website and conversely their content marketing.

Moz Pro aims to improve website traffic, provide higher search engine rankings and offer quantifiable results to businesses. This software package includes several different tools including a Keyword Explorer, Rank Tracker, Site Crawler and On-page optimization. The keyword explorer, for example, helps a business find suitable and relative keywords that are popular within their chosen industry. Alternatively, the Site Crawler automatically checks through a business’s website to scan for potential errors that could harm SEO.

Moz Local, on the other hand, helps businesses promote themselves in their immediate local area. Using this tool, a business can complete listings for local directories, verify business listings on platforms such as Facebook and Google, and create extensive reports with marketing suggestions.

Email Marketing tools


MailChimp is a software package and API interface that primarily deals with email marketing and email campaign creation. MailChimp was founded in 2001 and since then has grown exponentially – it is now one of the largest email automation providers serving millions of customers worldwide.

The MailChimp API allows users to create email campaigns, design email templates, create mailing lists, analyse email traffic and automate parts of the email creation and distribution process. Their email-designer’s drag and drop interface allows businesses to create stylish and modern emails which can then be distributed using custom mailing lists. Furthermore, it is possible to create email templates that can be saved and modified for future projects – there is also a wide range of pre-built themes to gain inspiration from.

Aside from its email creation and distribution tools, MailChimp also provides a host of optimization features which help businesses improve their email campaigns and reach out to customers.

Social Media Marketing Tools


Tweriod is a specialist content marketing resource but it is hugely beneficial for businesses that make regular use of the Twitter social media platform. Twitter is an immensely active social media platform – it is often difficult to attract attention and make yourself heard. Furthermore, due to the sheer volume of tweets on a minute by minute basis, a business’s tweets may often simply go unnoticed. This is where Tweriod pays dividends.

Tweriod creates analytical reports containing information about the best time a company should Tweet. It analyses Twitter and trawls through millions of tweets and information to ascertain the prime tweeting hours – some hours of the day are popular and tweets made during this time frame should gain more views and exposure. This is a free tool and is easy to use – there is also a premium version available for a small fee that provides a greater depth of analysis and a more detailed end report. If you regularly use Twitter or plan to expand your marketing on this social media platform, Tweriod is a must have!


Buffer is another fantastic tool that enables users to manage their social media posts. This venture was created in 2010 and is one of the most consistent and well-recognised scheduling platforms for social media. At this point in time, Buffer serves over 2 million users worldwide and helps many businesses improve their marketing through platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

The main product offered is “Buffer” which is, in essence, a social media scheduling tool – users can schedule posts (i.e. create a Facebook status and schedule it to be posted at 18:00, for example), create schedule queues and analyse the effectiveness of their content.

Furthermore, Buffer also has an image creation tool called “Pablo” – this tool allows users to create awesome media content such as infographics and eye-catching headlines for their social media posts. If your business relies on social media engagement, Buffer is a must-have tool to help improve your content marketing.


Klout is a tool used to analyse your social media influence and streamline your website content and social media posts. This API analyses data on the web and within your online engagement and provides reports and statistics on the effectiveness of your interactions. You can use Klout to see how much exposure your web content and social media posts gain, and also look at detailed graphs to monitor weekly trends, etc. The API is easy to use and there is also a mobile version available.

As you can see, a company can make use of a myriad of useful resources to improve their content marketing. Consider implementing several of these tools as part of your marketing strategy. If you are unsure if the cost is warranted and that you will receive an ROI, consider testing a trial or free version of each tool and analyse the results. If you make content marketing a priority, you can easily improve the effectiveness of your online material and hopefully engage with a wider audience in a meaningful and profitable manner.