5 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for the New Entrepreneur


In today’s modern world we have at our disposal a myriad of high-tech gadgets that enable us to perform our jobs much easier. For practically every task you can think of, there is an accompanying gadget that can either automate the job or make it quicker and more efficient. As technology continues to develop, we are privy to some truly fantastic and amazing gadgets that we could only dream of in the past.

New entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from the use of such gadgets. During the infancy of an entrepreneur’s business venture, time is of the essence. It is important to maximise your day and work efficiently. You must be able to work long hours, put in 110% effort and maintain high levels of concentration. You may often feel stressed, rushed and not in control of your situation.

To help, we have gathered a list of five tech gadgets. These gadgets will help improve your work process and make those first few precious weeks that much easier. You can use these gadgets to aid your business venture, work with great efficiency and thrive as an entrepreneur:

1. Phree – Mobile input device

Basic Info

– Available from: https://otmtech.com/
– Cost: $198.00
– Size: 12cm x 2cm
– Main uses: Digital scribing and input on virtually any surface

What does it do?

Phree is an absolutely awesome invention and we cannot believe that someone hasn’t created such a device already. This small and compact product is essentially a tablet pen but with a huge difference – whilst standard tablet pens only work on tablets, Phree allows you to write on practically any surface at all. Furthermore, the motion sensors and tracking device within the pen transmits your doodling to a variety of devices.

Let’s look at an example – you are sitting in your living room and instead of walking upstairs and finding your laptop, you can simply turn on a note-taking program on your smartphone and use Phree to write on the arm of your sofa. As you write on the sofa, your movements will be translated onto your smartphone – no typing, no touch screen – just the Phree pen and your sofa! In seconds you will have written a note that you can save and refer back to whenever you need!

This digital pen is truly revolutionary – it has a sleek and clean design, is lightweight, and fits perfectly as a standard pen or pencil would in your hand. Additionally, you can purchase a case that transforms as a mobile phone stand – how cool!

How does it help?

Surely you can see the benefit of the Phree pen? Imagine being able to take notes with no constraints and with no need for paper or a laptop! This pen allows you an unparalleled level of freedom and the ability to scribe wherever you please! Imagine being sat in your car after an important business meeting and you want to jot down some important pointers – you can use your Phree pen to write on your dashboard straight to your iPhone!

2. Slidenjoy – Multi-monitor extension

Basic Info

– Available from: https://www.yourslide.com/
– Cost: From $349.00 depending on material type
– Size: Available in different sizes for 13”, 15” and 17” monitors
– Main uses: Dual or single extension for your desktop PC or laptop

What does it do?

Slidenjoy is a superb product that is well designed and thought out – this system allows you to turn your single screen display into a much wider display with two additional monitors. The system clips onto the back of your monitor/laptop and folds out to contain two extra monitors – one on either side of your laptop. These monitors then connect to your laptop via a single USB connection – you can then configure the display as you would with a standard dual screen setup.

The monitors have a fantastic display resolution at 1920×1080 pixels in full 1080p quality. Furthermore, the response time is just 5ms which is perfectly acceptable. The monitors are available in three different sizes to suit standard laptop dimensions – 13″, 15″ and 17″. Additionally, the screens are available in three different packages – regular, premium and limited. The standard is made with basic materials and is available in 9 different colours. The premium models are made from wood, leather or aluminium, and the limited model features a carbon fibre cover.

How does it help?

The main downside of laptops is the limited desktop display space. A busy entrepreneur may need several programs open at one time – their email inbox, their notepad and their website editor for example – how can you possibly fit all of that onto one screen? You can’t! Well, you can, but you have to continually switch between programs.

Slidenjoy allows you to bypass all of this and spread your workspace out across three monitors. You can have your emails open on one screen, your website editor on the main screen and an internet browser open on the third screen for example. You don’t have to switch between each program and you can visualize multiple things at once! This is an invaluable tool for an entrepreneur and can truly help improve your efficiency.

3. Recap – Smartphone recording device

Basic Info

– Available from: https://www.recapmycalls.com/recap-s2/
– Cost: From $99.00
– Size: From 5cm x 5cm
– Main uses: Recording audio conversations onto other devices/storage

What does it do?

The Recap range is a magnificent set of recording devices – these products allow you to record your phone calls straight to a device such as a laptop or a desktop PC. Traditionally, recording phone calls or audio has required specialist recording equipment and transferal media too – it is not an easy process. The Recap devices take away the stress and pain and allow you to record simply by plugging the device into your phone!

The standard RECAP model allows you to record calls from Android and iPhone devices straight to your PC. Next, we have the RECAP C which allows you to record calls from both Android and iPhone devices straight to another mobile device. Finally, we have the updated RECAP S2 which allows users to record their conversations on mobile devices straight to their computer. Each product is well made, easy to use and compact.

How does it help?

Phone conversations are things we often forget – have you ever had an important phone call and forgot to take notes or missed a vital detail? Let’s say you are speaking to an investor or supplier and they are reeling off various prices and costings – you simply can’t remember them all! Using a RECAP device, you can record that conversation and refer back to it later to ensure that you have understood all the important details! This is a highly useful tool for an entrepreneur, especially in those first few months when your brain is packed full of ideas!

4. Opi – Digital Safe

Basic Info

– Available from: https://www.openproducts.com/
– Cost: $129.00
– Size: 10.5cm x 10.5cm
– Main uses: Digital storage device to protect your valuable data

What does it do?

Open Products have created a superb secure storage system in the form of their OPI digital safe. This compact and well-designed box acts as both a storage medium and a cloud sharing system. You can use OPI to store your personal information or practically any digital information you can think of. Furthermore, OPI acts as a cloud storage device – users can access the device from anywhere providing they have access to the web and a valid username and password. You can set up multiple accounts and all data and transmissions are encrypted.

The main idea is that you keep the OPI box in a secure location, such as your home or office – you can then connect remotely to store and access your files. It is possible to sync calendars, email, contacts, files and photos – as previously mentioned, all data is encrypted. To access your information, there is an app you can download for smartphones and tablets, and there is a web interface for use on web browsers. Data stored on your OPI device is regularly backed up and there is no possible backdoor access for hackers – in short, your data will remain safe and secure!

How does it help?

In today’s frantic and fast-paced world, it is important to have access to your information on the go. Many entrepreneurs travel frequently and are rarely stationary in their office. Using an OPI storage device and cloud service allows you to access your files from anywhere providing you have internet access. You could be face to face with a supplier or customer for example and use your OPI device to access sales figures and important data.

Furthermore, the internet is rife with hackers and people who look to steal your personal information or business plans. Using an OBI storage device to protect your important information will give you a much greater level of security. This is vital for a fledgling business and an entrepreneur with a host of fantastic and valuable ideas!

5. myCharge HUB – Mobile charging device

Basic Info

– Available from: https://mycharge.com/collections/hub-series
– Cost: From $49.99 depending on model
– Size: From 8.8cm x 3.5cm
– Main uses: Mobile charging device for USB/iPhone/Android devices

What does it do?

The myCharge HUB series is created by MyCharge – this company specialises in portable charging devices and power packs. The HUB series of chargers presents a range of portable charger banks for various digital devices, smartphones and USB connections. Starting with the HUB Mini up to the HUB Max, this range is created using high-quality, durable materials. Each charge has both a built-in USB port, an Apple Lightning cable (the standard Apple charging adapter) and a charging cable for Android/Blackberry devices.

Each model features an ultra-fast charging capability and it is reported to charge 65% faster than its main competitors. The lightweight and compact design means the device can fit easily in your pocket and is great for travelling with. If you just want to top your smartphone up on the go, then consider the HubMini; alternatively, if you want to charge your laptop or tablet, the HubPlus or HubMax provides higher power levels.

How does it help?

How many times have you been out on the road and found that your phone or tablet has no charge? Have you ever desperately needed your smartphone but it only has 1% of battery left and you don’t have a plug socket or charging port available? Using the myCharge HUB series of products, you can avoid situations such as this and always have your digital devices charged and ready to use!

Think of this example – you are on your way to an important business meeting to secure investment for your new venture. You want to take some notes beforehand on your tablet – you take it out and the battery is dead! Without a portable charging device, you would be going in blind, but you simply take out your myCharge HubPlus and your tablet is up and running in no time! In short, you can ensure that your mobile devices are charged and ready to use whenever you need them – you will never be caught short again without access to your online world – this is hugely important for new entrepreneurs.

There you have it – five epic tech gadgets to aid your entrepreneurial venture! We hope you have found these gadgets of real use – we feel that each one has a valid use and will greatly help your business and efficiency. Why not give one or more of these tech gadgets a try and see how they can improve your working life?